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Category: Miniaturized Communication Systems Covert Radio | 27/04/2010 - 15:25:43

Phonak inductive receivers represent the standard in covert communications for many years already, due to their performance, quality and reliability.

People who need nearly invisible receivers for search operations, surveillance, personal security activities and similar tasks, and who are often exposed to a high level of personal risk in such situations, rely on Phonak.

Besides their outstanding transmission quality, these systems include automatic gain and volume control (AGC), squelch (noise suppression) and noise filtering as standard features, to avoid overloading the user’s hearing system and ensure that vital speech information is properly received. Phonak Communications covert wireless equipment provides optimum speech clarity and the best possible level of discretion, along with extreme reliability.

Phonak Communications covert wireless equipment

A complete Phonak Communi-cations covert wireless system consists of the following components:

complete Phonak Communi-cations covert wireless system

1) phonito inductive receiver

2) singleLoop inductive loop

3) miniMic covert microphone

4) user-selected PTT switch

The two-way communication accessories can optionally be integrated into a holster made of high-quality leather. This makes the covert equipment ready for use almost immediately. To find the right adapter for your radio unit.