Point of Issue Document Security

Security Foiling Ltd

Category: Holographic Foils | 27/04/2010 - 15:33:25

Document, plastic card fraud and identity theft continue to rise around the world.

Point of Issue Security gives the ‘document issuer’ the control necessary to deter the counterfeiter and fraudsters.

- reduces the quantity of non-issued documents in circulation

Fact: Large quantities of stored and authentic documents, no matter how well managed, present a security risk.

- Prevents uncontrolled issuing of documents

Fact: ‘Insider’ unauthorised issuing of documents is a very common breach in security.

- Allows control over issuing several different documents if required

Fact: Use of security images on several document types creates a consistent and visible deterrent for potential counterfeiters.

- Allows cost effective changes in the security image without reprints

Fact: Document changes are sometimes necessary to meet new legislation, standards and modes of operation - point of issue applied features are never wasted.

- Cost effective changes in the security image as required

Fact: Regular changes in the security image make it very difficult for the counterfeiter to produce a convincing fraud and no wasted documents from old stock

- improved traceability and verification of documents

Fact: You have control, including the selection of security features that can be used to verify ‘genuine’ documents from counterfeits.

- demonstrable ‘control’ to third parties

Fact: Taking control over document security demonstrates commitment and gives confidence to your customers and partners.

- Additional deterrent

Fact: Extra security in the production of your documents deters the counterfeiter.