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unival Group Night Vision Technology and Wideband Jamming Equipment

unival® group is a Germany-based group of companies with its headquarters in Bonn – the former capital of Germany. Over the last few years unival® group has developed into a powerful innovator in ballistic and blast protection technologies with both client customized high-end solutions but also magnitude products.

The unival® group product portfolio is divided into three main-sections that cover detection, electronic counter measures (ECM) and physical protection:

  • Intelligence– Night Vision/ Thermal Imaging / GPS Tracking
  • Counter Measures– Digital Wideband Jamming Systems
  • Physical Protection– Automotive and Construction Security

DWJ1®: Wideband Jamming


DWJ1® SMART Digital Wideband Jamming 20 MHz - 6.000 MHz

The DWJ1® system is the first commercially available high-end digital wideband jamming system, operated with the latest 10GHz FPGA chip-technology, releasing a maxium output power of up to 2.500 Watt.

The system can be programmed by notebook or remote in real-time to individually set profiles allowing best possible RCIED-protection at all times.

It is possible to operate conventional jamming (barrage, sweeping, multi-sweep) but also smartjamming with threat-detection. They customizable FPGA software allows to program the system based on an upgradable database with communication windows for motorcade operation.

Based on the same technology portable/ manpack PWJ1® and stationary SWJ® jammingsystems are available that can be programmed for optimum efficency when needed.

Univision®: Night Vision Technology

Night Vision Technology

The strategic value of effective night vision technology is immense, as it provides the user with an immense competitive advantage for assessment of difficult scenarios at night.

Combined with the latest thermal imaging technology night virtually becomes day, as all objects can be clearly identified and classified. All our devices are developed and produced in Germany.

Automotive and Construction Security - Ballistic and Blast Protection

Real security comes in multi-layer solutions. A solid physical protection concept will make the difference in difficult environments.

With certified production facilities in Germany and the United Arab Emirates we can provide our clients with state-of-the-art protection concepts for vehicles such as 4x4, sedans, buses or trucks, but also for buildings and access points that need armouring against ballstic or blast based on the latest certifiation standards.

We can supply both volume orientated cost-orientated protection concepts as well as high-end customized soutions for VIP protection. Our clients are governmental organizations, police and defense forces, NGOs, multi-national companies and security companies worldwide.

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