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LEGIC represents an international network of companies and experts for contactless people identification. We design and provide hardware, software and services for ID applications from access control, time & attendance and cashless payment through to biometrics and eTicketing. Based on this technology platform over 250 partner companies develop reliable ID systems. Since 1992, we are driven by the vision to enhance a secure and simpler everyday life for people and organisations.

The LEGIC technology platform includes transponder and reader chips as well as software & services for easy management of rights and applications. We also provide consultancy for end users and comprehensive support for our license partners in developing and marketing products based on the LEGIC technology platform. Our license partners are application developers, reader and ID media manufacturers and system integrators as well as many end users.

Our open technology platform supports all common smart card standards and enables solutions tailored to individual needs using identification media such as RFID tags, contactless chip cards or NFC smartphones. The unique flexibility of the LEGIC technology platform allows the combination of various applications on one identification medium.

Every day 150 million people in more than 100,000 companies and institutions identify themselves with our network. Identify with us too.

4000 series - Unlimited Ideas to Turn Into Reality

With LEGIC 4000 series reader chips, you get the highest degree of flexibility at a low price: you can integrate a variety of applications and functions with different identification media. The 4000 series can be optimally expanded with the advant transponder technology and supports common third-party transponders such as MIFARE.

The single chip solution for all applications

The 4000 series stands out with its compact design and its low energy use.

Interoperability with MIFARE transponders

The 4000 series supports all common RF standards and the cryptographic functions for the entire MIFARE transponder family. The advantages of the LEGIC technology platform can also be used with a MIFARE card population.

Prepared for NFC

The NFC function is integrated into the 4000 series. 4000 series-based readers are optimally complemented with advant transponder technology.

Investment protection

The operating system is fully upgradeable, regularly brought into line with the latest technology and extended with new features.

The components of the 4000 series

SM-4500: The reader chip for the initialization of transponder chips
SM-4200: The flexible standard chip to read and write ID mediaLockstar - the electronic door lock

Lockstar - the Electronic Door Lock
legic lockstar Reader Chip

LEGIC lockstar (SM-1450) contains all functions of an electronic lock in one chip:

  • Contactless reader
  • Verification logic
  • Mode control
  • Signalisation

Lockstar is compatible with all relevant RF standards and needs an extreme small amount of energy. Typical applications are electronic door locks, cabinets and lockers, jewellers' windows, office furniture and electronic padlocks.

Easy design-in

Due to the integrated, ready-to-use lock application, product development is quick and easy with lockstar. Lockstar is user-friendly.

Enables attractive designs

Due to its small size, lockstar fits in every lock. It also contains a small battery and thus has a low energy consumption. There is no need for any additional interfaces or sensors. Lockstar is ready to use from the beginning.

Big range of features

  • Compatible with ISO 14443, ISO 15693 and prime RF
  • Up to 50 UIDs programmable - manageable in different groups
  • Possible to create time profiles with an additional programming device

advant Transponder Chips - For All Applications

advant as chip are classic memory transponder chips for smartcards (badge), key fobs, keys and other identification media.

Thanks to the flexible multi-application function, up to 127 applications can be combined. Advant transponder chips are available with different memory sizes. Thanks to the multi-RF transponder CTC, flexible migration from prime to advant is possible.

  • advant Transponder Chips
    : The low priced ISO 15693 transponder chip with 1kByte memory and long reading distance (but slow data rate) for simple ID solutions with a moderate number of applications.
  • ATC2048: The ISO 14443 transponder chip with 2kByte memory, high data rate (up to 424 kBit/s) and a reading distance of up to 10 cm for ID solutions with larger applications.
  • ATC4096: The ISO 14443 transponder chip is certified according to Common Criteria EAL5+ and contains a 4kByte memory.
  • CTC4096: The multi-RF transponder with 4kByte memory communicates via ISO 14443 and LEGIC RF standard and is the first choice

LEGIC Card-in-Card Solutions

Card-in-Card Solutions

Imagine a software emulation of a LEGIC advant crypto memory transponder (4kB memory) which can be added to contactless microprocessor based smart cards or NFC mobile phones – both provided by third parties. On application level this virtual transponder behaves like all other LEGIC advant crypto memory transponders and thus is compatible to LEGIC advant reader infrastructure.

LEGIC Master-Token System Control (MTSC)

Master Token Systems Control

MTSC provides an integrated key management system which is unique in the security industry. With LEGIC Master-Token System ControlMT (MTSC) no sensitive passwords are needed. Instead, a special physical Master-Token in form of a contactless smart card is used containing a unique genetic code which securely links cards and readers. Physically owning the Master-Tokens means controlling the security of your system.

LEGIC Configuration & Development Tools

  • EK-4000
    Evaluation Kit EK-4000
    provides easy access to the LEGIC advant 4000 series. It supports in rapid and cost-efficient development of battery and line powered readers for 13.56 MHz contactless smart card applications.
  • Development Kit DK-2000 puts you on the fast track to market for your new 13.56 MHz contactless smart card solution.
  • Configurator Software CSW-2000 is a helpful tool to configure and analyse LEGIC credentials and reader settings.
  • Configurator Hardware CHW-2000 is a universal desktop reader to initialise, write and read LEGIC credentials.
  • Configurator Hardware CHW-4000 is a modern and practical USB desktop reader for all processes in connection with LEGIC transponder chips.
  • Antenna Designer is a world-wide unique web-based tool for designing and dimensioning 13.56 MHz printed circuit board antennas for readers.

LEGIC's headquarters are based in Switzerland. They also have additional offices in Europe, Asia and United States.

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