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Protectaseal Ltd Tamper Evident Security Tapes, Film and Adhesive

Protectaseal is based in the United Kingdom, with its main manufacturing facility situated in Tiverton, Devon. Established in 1994, Protectaseal continues to be a market leader in the manufacture of tamper evident security labels and tapes. Protectaseal tamper evident solutions are sold and distributed in every continent throughout the world.

With in-house, innovative and dependable production processes, our proven track record in security printing, adhesive laminates and release technologies are used in many industries and market sectors, that include: Cash in Transit, Aircraft and Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Security and Military, Finance and Banking, Cosmetic and Healthcare, Retail and Industrial Packaging.

Our ability to offer unrivalled customer service, innovative security solutions and continual improvement to ensure the ongoing success of your business is our primary objective.

Tamper Evident Security Self Wound Packaging Tape

Tamper Evident Security Self Wound Packaging TapeWith the ever increasing cost of merchandise and consumer goods, the need to secure secondary packaging is the first line of defense against theft, diversion, piracy and counterfeiters.

Different adhesives ensure that we have a solution to meet almost all applications.
Specific features include customized security message, customized surface message and perforations.

Ensure that your packaging meets current air traffic regulations….choose Protectaseal tamper evident self wound packaging tapes.

Tamper Evident Security Film / Adhesive

Tamper Evident Security Film and AdhesiveDeveloped for a wide range of applications, Protectaseal has a proven track record to provide tamper evident film and adhesive combinations to meet your specific requirements.

Utilizing proprietary manufacturing processes designed to ensure the integrity and security of your products and brands.

Overt UV coatings and track and trace technology can be used to ensure the integrity of your brands and merchandise.

Protectaseal film coatings are fully compatible with UV, digital, water based, NC, thermal and lazer print technologies.

Tamper Evident Security Adhesive

Specific applications require different adhesive systems.

Tamper Evident Security Tape

Protectaseal can offer a:

  • Permanent adhesive that will leave a visible residue on the applied surface when the tamper evident label or tape is removed;
  • Peelable or no residue adhesives that will not blemish or leave a residue on expensive or re-usable surfaces when the tamper evident label or tape is removed;
  • Dry peel adhesive that leaves a full and non sticky transfer on the applied surface when the tamper evident label or tape is removed;
  • High and low temperature performance adhesives for those extreme applications.
  • Resistance to attack by heat, cold, moisture and chemicals are important features to consider when selecting an adhesive system for your security application.

Tamper Evident Security Tape

Anti Counterfeit Tamper Evident Security Labels

Preventing unknown theft of cash is a high priority. Protectabase and Protectatape Tamper Evident Tape are applied to flexible plastic bags to uphold attacks from all known methods, certifying the integrity and protection of the contents of these items. Ensuring that documents and credit cards are securly sealed is necessary to prove fraud and theft.

A range of colours and widths, to suit the customers needs, are available for the Protectabase and Protectatape products.

Anti Counterfeit Tamper Evident Security Labels

Manufacturers loose a large amount of income through counterfeit cosmetic and healthcare products, which can be dangerous to peoples health and in extreme cases, life threatening.

To detect the authenticity of the products and brands Anti counterfeit labels are used. Additional features, used to provide added security, traceability and supply chain solutions, are RFID technologies, barcodes and encryptions.

Protectaseal labels are used to ensure the security and integrity of the primary product packaging and can be applied on a variety of surfaces in several ways to prevent damage to the container.

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